death/doom metal band from minsk/belarus РУССКИЙ / ENGLISH


Beyond the Darkness settled its first official line-up in 2007. The group was experimenting with symphony death-doom and released its EP «Cunabula» in 2009.

Now the musicians consider their style as death-doom again pointing that they would not like to become its hostages. For the band music is primarily a means of self expression, and that’s why «Beyond the Darkness» is trying to create a versatile material, without reference to any stamps. The music of the band nowadays can be described as heavy, mid-tempo and melodic.

Preparation of the first full-length album started back in 2012. Now the debut album titled «Blind Shadows» is finally ready to be presented to the public.

The musicians of «Beyond the Darkness» aim to do what will be close to themselves and what will profoundly affect the listener; to create works that will be interesting to listen and, the most important, listen again and again to find out more details.


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